Justyce - TK
My name is Justyce McDowell and I am in Ms. Wilbert’s TK class. I received the student of the month award because I have improved since school started in August. I learned all of my prayers and Ms. Wilbert said “good job!” I learned all of my letters and numbers up to 20. I can write my name J.U.S.T.Y.C.E. I didn’t know how to write my name before school started. I am still working hard in class. I am starting to learn how to read. We read on the carpet. I like reading! Ms. Wilbert lets me help out sometimes in class. I even get to take the purple and white roll sheet to the office. I want to thank Ms. Wilbert for working with my friends and I each day. Thank you Ms. Wilbert!

Aaron - 5th Grade
Hi my name is Aaron K  and I was chosen SLE student of the month for fifth grade, January 2015.  I would like to thank Ms. Augustine, Mr. Gomez and Mrs. Lino for selecting me for this special honor. I believe Maria Regina School strives in Christian values, high SLE expectations, and a commitment to God. Therefore my goal is to continue to work hard to obtain these great values.

CHASE - 6th Grade
Hello, my name is Chase V. Chastang; it is an honor to accept the SLE student of the month. I strive on a daily basis to exemplify being a catholic and life long learner. I believe that by keeping God first that all things are possible (good grades, sports and friends). I would like to thank Ms. Gilliespie, for granting me this privilege, my grandmother for helping me daily with my school work and my parents for their continuous love and support. I would like to give a special thank you to Ms. Augustine for motivating me throughout the years.

Alexis - 7th Grade
The importance of the SLEs in my daily life is by using them as an example for little kids to know what is required of them when they grow up and as their still a kid. I also always pray to God everyday before every meal. I also always be myself and make good choices and being kind to others. I show the SLEs by respecting all adults and other students. I strive to solve problems instead of causing them. I could use these SLEs in the future by always praying and making good choices in life and always staying true to myself and respecting everyone and everything, and being caring toward myself and others.
I think that the actions that I have done to be recognized as the SLE student of the month are always turning my work in on time, always doing my work and homework, paying attention in class, always being nice toward others and trying not to cause conflict, and always staying true to myself and tying to never lie and only be truthful, and helping where there is help needed, but aside from all that has been said I think I was picked because not only am I a great student I always give my best work (my best work is not 110% not 120% but 175%) I think that is the most important reason and something that is not directly stated in the SLEs but it is the main message in most of them and that is why I think I was chosen for this award.

Felecia - 8th Grade
My name is Felecia Ogletree and I would like to thank my parents and teachers for assisting me with my education at Maria Regina School.  I am happy to be chosen as the SLE student of the month.  I would also like to thank Ms. Augustine because she saw that I exhibited what it takes to be the SLE student of the month.  The SLE’s are very important to me because they will help me in my everyday life.  I’m glad to have these life lessons taught to me daily because they will help me make good choices, show compassion towards others or any person of authority.