Maria Regina parents are very involved in activities on behalf of the school.  This builds a strong community by directly involving parents, in an active manner, in the programs of the school.  Each family is required to contribute35 hours of volunteer service to the school.  In order to keep tuition at a reasonable amount, the support of families is vital.

 It is possible for other family members to fulfill service hours at the school.  However, children presently enrolled at MRS may NOT complete the hours.  If you have older children or other relatives who are willing to assist in needed capacities, please let us know.  Please be sure to sign in and out on the volunteer sheet located in the school office. (Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.)

 Some of the ways in which a family member might contribute service hours include:

o    Yard duty

o    Coaching

o    Cafeteria aide

o    Donations

o    Office work

o    Library Aide

o    Parish Fiesta

o    Classroom Aide

o    PTO Events: Harvest Festival, Casino Night, Fish Fry, Parent meetings, etc.

Field Trips*

*All volunteers for a school program or activity who are working with students during school hours must undergo a background check and complete a Virtus training course.