I.  Faith-Filled Catholic Individual Who:
A. Exemplifies Catholic values and attitudes in his/her daily life
B. Knows basic fundamental beliefs of the Catholic faith
C. Maintains a relationship with God through prayers and sacraments
D. Models the life of Christ by showing compassion toward others
E. Is a steward to Church, family, school, and the local/global community
II.  Academically Prepared Individual Who:
A. Applies appropriate strategies to solve, analyze, and evaluate various problems effectively
B. Speaks clearly, writes coherently, and listens attentively
C. Thinks creatively, critically, and independently
D. Employs computer and emerging technology to convey his/her thoughts and ideas
III.  Socially Responsible Individual Who:
A. Understands and appreciate other cultures and faith traditions
B. Demonstrates an awareness of the world and responds with concern for others
C. Makes good moral choices based upon a well-formed conscience
D. Displays common courtesy, proper etiquette, and a positive self-image
IV.  Accountable Individual Who:
A. Demonstrates respect toward teachers, adults, and students in regards to language and behavior
B. Responds appropriately to situations with integrity and honesty
C. Takes responsibility for his/her actions
D. Recognizes and practices good health and grooming habits
E. Strives to be a problem solver, instead of a problem caused
I.              Faith Filled Catholic Individual who:
A.            Shows catholic values and believes
B.            Knows basic believes of the catholic religion
C.            Loves god through prayer and sacrament
D.           Models the life of Christ by loving others
E.            Respects gods world
II.            Academically Prepared individual who:
A.            finds ways to solve problems
B.            speaks, writes and listens carefully
C.            Uses the computers
D.           Loves to learn
III.          Socially Responsible Individual who:
A. Appreciates people, cultures, and faith traditions of the world.
B. Makes good choices
C. Respects everyone
IV.          Accountable individual who:
A.            Respects and responds to all adults and students
B.            Is responsible for his/her actions
C.            Os a problem solver
D.           Welcomes and encourages honesty
E.            Practices good health and grooming habits
V. Lifelong Learner who:
A. Sets and accomplishes goals
B. Has good work habits